Manual Be Green-Helpful Hints to Save the Planet.

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2. Pack light

Say no to straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles see 4 , packaging and other plastics. Try the 30 day single use plastic pledge. Drink tap water or get a biodegradable water filter such as TAPP 2 for fresh clean water. Install a water saving shower device. Water the garden and plants early morning or late at night. More great tips from Eden. Only buy food that will be consumed. Buy local produce, seasonal when possible and products with less packaging.

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Cut down on meat consumption to once per week or less. Please give this article a clap, share and comment below. It is the least you can do for mother earth. Choose sustainably-caught ocean fish as the other methods of capture can have disastrous impacts on ocean ecosystems.

On the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch site, you can learn more about the importance of sustainable seafood and find out where to get sustainable seafood in your area. Decrease Meat Consumption Raising livestock produces large amounts of greenhouse gases into the environment. When you do eat meat, look for labels that specify free range, organic and hormone and antibiotic free.

There are resources to help you find sustainable food locally so you know exactly where your food is coming from - especially since it can not only affect the environment, but your health as well. Try to look for items with environmentally responsible brand seals.

12 ways you can protect the environment

It's estimated that, using an average number of 2. Now that's a lot of water saved for such a small sacrifice!

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  • Look for beauty and cleaning products brands that are responsible in their production, looking for responsible brand seals. Check out this site, where you can find a list of eco-friendly product labels and logos. While we're on the topic of being responsible, why not look for items that aren't tested on animals. It's a cruel process and showing your support for companies that don't use animals for testing can end it for good. It's easy to find cruelty-free and environmentally responsible brands.

    First: Reduce

    You just need to know which labels to look for and there are a lot more options than you might think. You can find brand guides for conscious consumers here. It will make a small difference to you but a world of difference to the animals involved, not to mention, no longer supporting companies that condone such cruel practices. There also are federal tax incentives, with parameters listed at Fueleconomy.

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    There are other bonuses. Usually green car loans carry fewer fees and no early payment penalties. Carefully check out the loan terms to determine how the green car loan compares with one for regular cars.

    watch this if you want to help save the planet and not die! (eco-friendly tips)

    Going paperless gets you green rewards at lots of banks these days. Some are even offering incentives, including cash.

    Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

    The bank also plants a tree when a new account is opened. This evolving niche can be tricky to navigate but rewarding. Your loan is a lower risk for the lender as well. Greening your home can pay off. Projects include installing new windows, upgrading furnaces and insulating your home.

    Environment and Energy

    However, programs differ widely. And proving your upgrades are green can be tricky. Bank, which is testing its program in Colorado.