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There is evidence that he was going to attempt a coup at some point anyhow. He did not agree with the way Hitler was running the war and also wanted to quicken the holocaust. Himmer would have been much worse than Hitler.

A Picture of German Unity? Federal Contingents in the German Army, 1916–1917

Oh and by the way there 27 known plots to kill Hitler by German civilians or military commanders. On the discussion of Rommel. I have been to his grave site many times.

It is in Ulm and is very beautiful. I have also spoken to his son many times, ate dinner with him and recieved a tour of Rommels house by his son. I wish I could find my pics but I can not. I used to go there for the annivesary of his death. Anyhow during the ceremony, 2 soldiers of the famed Afrika Korps stand there gaurding his grave in full uniform of the Afrika Korps minus the swastika. His son normally gives a speach, and the cermony is attended by German soldiers, US soldiers normally from the 1st Infantry Division, but since they are pulling out I dont know who will do it from now on , French soldiers and British Soldiers.

Each country laying a wreath on his grave, with an Army band playing music. It really is a nice ceremony and sort of shows you how the man was respected by all even the allies. This is the site that he took the poison and killed himself.

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Twitch Staff Sergeant. Jul 31, There was a Twilight Zone episode where they went back in time to kill Hitler as a baby. So Hitler's nanny buys a gypsy's baby and pawns it off to his father who realizes it's a different kid but the mother is so wacked out she doesn't. So it ended up that the time travelers actually made fate play out the way it did. As many persona in history have seemed to show, environment weighs heavily on molding personalities, ideal, prejudices and fears.

Aug 1, So, the real Hitler was a Gypsy? No he was a Jew!

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I couldn't stop laughing the first time I heard that. There's another one where he was homosexual. According to his doctors Hitler had a very 'british' sense of humour. After the mid-war assassination attempt, one of his doctor's asked him what his first thoughts were after the blast. He replied that he was annoyed as the bomb had ruined his only really good pair of pants and that his bum his words had, for a time, been shaped like a mutant potato!

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Captured German War Films (1945)

Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. John Frank , Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p.

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Contents Introduction 1. A University of the Trenches 2.

Works (12)

The Curative Power of War 3. Cannon Fodder 4. West Flanders 5.

Winter 6. Neuve Chapelle 7. Fromelles 8. Nursery Tales of 9. Hugo Gutmann and the Good Soldier Mend Fromelles Hell on the Somme Declining Fortune A book dealing with the experiences and Western Front battles of a German regiment in the Great War must, by its nature, be primarily a work of military history - primarily in this case, but not exclusively, for elements of biography are also present. The regiment in question is, after all, the sixteenth Bavarian Reserve Infantry, or List Regiment so named after its first commander ; a regiment whose principal claim to fame is the fact that Adolf Hitler served in its ranks for four years in the Great War.

Without the presence of this Austrian-born Infanterist soon to be corporal in its ranks, the List Regiment merits no more attention than any one of the or so German regiments that served on the Western Front in the Great War.


Yet Hitler did serve in its ranks and that fact alone makes its story important. Between and , Hitler claimed, he changed from a self-confessed 'weak-kneed cosmopolitan' into an anti-Semite and ardent pan-German nationalist. Again according to Hitler, he decided in the trenches that for Germany's sake he must place whatever dreams he held of architectural or artistic glory on hold, and instead devote his immediate post-war future to politics.

As an adjunct - and there is no reason to disbelieve in this case his word - as a front-line soldier he began his 'study' of the black art of propaganda.

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