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Now it suggests a regulation recently rejected by the EU Parliament, from which it would profit again, literally. But even if it was for the wrong reasons, it might be the right answer to some fundamental challenges of the EU. What seems important here is the funding mechanism that is being suggested. Michael E. Rosenbaum - Science Fiction & Fantasy: Books

To consider funding for migrants and refugees through ERDF, while the overall EU budget system is being discussed, is an interesting issue linkage where two policy fields or regimes overlap. Linking the two policy fields would mean not to think about refugee policies simply along protection norms. This is not unusual as refugee policies generally intersect and are often constrained by migration, border and security policies.

Considering finance policies and reforms might actually help to rethink the red tape and bureaucracy of the redistribution of asylum seekers in the current Dublin regulations, towards a financially based system.

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Regional funds, among the biggest financial commitments by the EU, are focused on economic imbalances by funding economic, technology, and employment development. Now, emphasising criteria such as the rule of law, basic rights and solidarity would shift fundamental EU values to the financial core of the EU.

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The lack of these values such as solidarity and basic and human rights arguably contributed to the financial and refugee crises and their perseverance — which were both really political crises. Rather than discussing the financial Union and a values Union separately, bringing the dual reforms of the Common European Asylum System and of the EU budget system together might allow for a stronger political Union altogether.

You read this long post all the way down.

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If you do, please support us so that we can keep up our work and stay independent. I wonder, whether any of the noumerous legal experts will deal with the question, that the presently valid Dublin Regulation is simply not followed by some EU member states and that this behaviour has no negative consequences at all.

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Olaf Kleist. Valuing the values and diluting the dilemma: a call for an EU framework for fundamental rights. All the best, Max Steinbeis.