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The poet clearly focuses on struggle, adversity, evil and persistence through his work.


Students get a chance to learn more about symbolic meanings of darkness and night in literature. Unlike other poems, the students can anticipate a start, middle and end for this poem. Importantly, students would love the end of poem which is equally funny but surprising. This is a good choice of poem for high school students to learn how to overcome the limitations to succeed in life.

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In fact, the life of poet itself is an example for fighting for life. The poet tries to discuss areas like self-reliance, adversity, power, fate and resilience in his poem. The poem interestingly discusses the wide use of social media and cell phone among the present generation. The poet ironically discloses how lonely she is despite having a number of friends and connections in social media. How emotional and social baggage is passed down the lines of generations is the central idea that Eleanor Lerman has beautifully expressed.

It showcases how troubled the author is with the show her generation had to pull off and now she wants the next generation to know the truth — they are inheriting something what their elders never believed in but were forced to accept. This is a brilliant piece of work from the late Victorian writer known for his globally famous The Jungle Book.

This poem is a glimpse of advice for teens to live a good life by handling fear, dreams, hatred, gossip, and more. It also kicks in the values of integrity, self-reliance and forgiveness, which is an ideal choice for high school students. This is an amazingly wonderful piece of work from the poet which has a lot of relevance. This mind blowing poem which was written way back in clearly shows the significance of believing in the man in the mirror.

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It simply emphasizes the importance of being proud of your worth rather than worrying and seeking external validation. Students can get an idea about how self-perception is good than pleasing others while experiencing the fun of independence and life choices.

The lesson focus of the poem is through a rhyme and form and this short and punchy poem can be a good choice for middle school students. The initial reading itself gives a better idea for students with only a few new words to be verified for proper interpretation. This mind blowing poem from the author revolves around diverse areas such as resilience, adversity and social judgements.

Most of his songs are lyric poetry and he wrote this beautiful work early in his age of 19 which is really inspiring for kids to explore their talents. This is, in fact, a little gem from the great poet which is easily understandable and relatable for a middle school student.

The figurative language used in the poem clearly showcases the concept of hope in life. This compact but powerful write up demonstrates the use of condensed language among students. In this awesome work from American poet and essayist, you can see the interesting scenarios of how a man eats poems in the library and the response of librarian and the following incidents.

A diverse range of topics are covered throughout this poem including self-concept, self-esteem, beauty, self-image and aging. The poet gives good messages on suicide, isolation, depression, and resilience to the school students. Teachers can use this as a platform to talk with the students on a personal note and give them the courage to come forward against all these hassles. This is a fun to read poem which is an instant favourite for many for its sarcasm brilliance. The poem was inspired by this common question from students which has not changed all these years. This poem is really appealing to teens on how the poet chose independence and taking risks by start writing poems over a stable career.

This is all about coming of age and teachers can use it as a platform to advise students about making life choices and about overcoming adversity. The short but beautiful poem is in fact timeless. About love, about wrestling, about Bigfoot, about heartbreak, about tattoos, about the future, about loss, about ghosts, about heavy metal. I really think Slouching the Dream is an anyone book of poetry. In fact, I dare you not to like it. Just try.

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I read it like I would read my favourite novel: quickly but desperately, lapping up every detail, every quirk, and relishing the way it all washes over me. The poems—about family, girlhood, adulthood and everything in between—are concise in a way that make them easy to sit down with and difficult to step away from. Leak by Kate Hargreaves. Leak is an excellent book for an already-reader ready to find their way into poetry: it uses and defies language in a distinct way unique to poetry, but perfectly merges its linguistic oddities with intensely relatable content.

This book merges poetry and art to form a stunning poetic graphic novel. Killdeer by Phil Hall. This is another book of poetry that would be great for someone who already loves reading. Killdeer takes the essay and blows it into smithereens, presenting fragments of thought and argument in beautiful bite-sized pieces.

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It dives into language and writing in a way that is straightforward enough to feel good, clear, and digestible, but hides infinite layers of meaning, suggestion, and discussion between its lines. As well, it strikes an amazing balance between providing the reader with information and insights, and leaving room for the reader to provide their own. No Work Finished Here is for the Warhol-lovers among us. I think the appeal of this book in high school lies outside of the text, and more in it being slightly out-of-bounds: Warhol himself holds the appeal of rebellion—his heroin-chic lifestyle, his rampant sexuality—and this book promises an up close and personal look at that.

Her poems are brief but her imagery is larger than life, giving her readers the space to visualize their own chaos in a rare state of elegance. Most of all, the poems feel inescapably true, like having your own diary read back to you more beautifully than you could ever have imagined.

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The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood. Among students, Margaret Atwood may be best known for her novels, but this early collection of poetry is one of my favourite books of her work. The poems are quick and simple to read because of her direct language, but make you want to read them over and over again for new details, new secrets. Howl and other poems by Allen Ginsberg.

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Fauxccasional Poems by Daniel Scott Tysdal. From the very first glance, Fauxccasional Poems exists completely outside of what you might think poetry should—or even can—be. The cover looks like that of a satire magazine, and the poems themselves completely fake: odes and commemorations for events that never happened. Citizen by Claudia Rankine.