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After having a dream that she won the Ponyland lottery, Clover wakes up and discovers she is the winner of two concert ball tickets.

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She must choose someone to take, however, in an attempt to please everyone, she invites each of her friends separately. They discover this gaffe, and chase after Clover. Bloom selects a random name, and picks Melody. Clover remorses about going while the others watch them on TV; she and Melody sell the tickets, and buy pizza so they can join their friends at home.

Melody brings her new cassette player to school, but accidentally leaves it behind at the school yard. After the cassette player goes missing, Melody and her friends strongly suspect Teddy stole it. The following day, a mock trial is held in the school classroom, with Teddy as the defendant and Bright Eyes as the prosecutor.

Despite Teddy's wishes, Sweetheart becomes his defense attorney, which makes Melody believe that Sweetheart has betrayed their gang.

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During the trial, the witnesses and the class cannot provide evidence that Teddy took the cassette player. Sweetheart gets her cassette player back and Melody's attitude changes. The girl ponies are holding a tea party at an abandoned house. Starlight coaxes her friends to invite the boys. After they leave, a family of new ponies arrives and collects the items.

When Starlight and friends return, they find their club items missing, and set traps. The family gets caught in them, but the girl ponies realize they are not thieves but the Barrington family, who have recently moved in. The girl ponies make up for their mistake by helping the Barringtons furnish the house. Barrington presents a club house to the girl ponies. Starlight invites Logan Barrington for cookies at the next tea party.

As a reward for passing exams, Miss Hackney arranges a costume party for the class, where they dress up as their career aspiration. Bon Bon wants to dress up as a model but thinks she'll be a laughing stock. At the party, when she is about to enter, she hears laughing and runs away to the countryside. The ponies were actually laughing at Patch's clown act.

Teddy, the only pony to catch sight of her, notifies the others and the ponies go after her. They find her and convince her to come back to the party. Bon Bon almost falls off a ledge, but they rescue her and return to the party. While searching a junkyard for pieces for his artwork, Clover's father finds a white teapot. Apple's Jade attempts to make racing history at Fairyhouse. Royal Ascot. By Ian Carnaby on 22 June Racing News.

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  • By Simon Rowlands on 15 August International Racing. By Irish Field Contributor on 29 May More in International Racing. Racing FREE. Another good example is when Clover wins concert tickets which all the ponies want, but she can only choose one of her friends to go with her. These episodes all focus on relating to others. An example of what is bad about this show is the episode where they are having one of the ponies dressing up as a princess.

    One of the other ponies moves the candy bowl away and tells her "A princess is supposed to be slim! Another bad thing is that most of the male characters are self-centered jerks. There's mainly three boys present in the series and only one of them is nice to the girls because he wants to.

    The other two are only nice because they want something from them and that is never addressed. Rather we see many of the girls try to win the affection of them by changing themselves to their liking.

    Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales – Season 2 verfügbar Netflix Deutschland

    Watchable, has some good morals, the characters had good personalities. I'm just not fond of the stereotypical teen drama. I prefer the older show which had elements of fantasy in it. WeYreAoung 22 August My Little Pony is an 80s cartoon that blew with very bright backgrounds and colors, ugly looking ponies that look like rejected horses, music that a music critic would rate low than 5, awful script, and voice actors that just make me wanna press the mute button on YouTube.

    Now because the other cartoons wasn't enough, they now brought up MLP Tales, an inglorious, piece of sheet show.

    My Little Pony Tales Intro German

    I might hate it, MLP fans may enjoy it, but that's not a good thing. The animation is much worse. So are the ponies. I'm glad this is no longer alive because if it airs back on television, I'll be like "oh this is not good, son". I swear, I am not in to get any more nightmares. I discovered this cartoon on YouTube three years ago after learning that it aired in the early 90s, which means that I could easily have seen it as a child but unfortunately missed out on it during that time.

    Because of this, it doesn't have the nostalgic appeal like the original MLP cartoons did, but it has its positive aspects nonetheless. Further to the positive aspects of this show, it had a couple of the same elements as the original series such as brightly-coloured talking ponies, albeit their humanisation and the absence of wings and horns, with different personalities e. The ponies here walk on all fours as well as on their hind legs and engage in activities that humans would partake in such as hanging out at the ice cream parlour and attending school.

    I liked the change of scenery in this series because it is more realistic than the fantastical surroundings in the original and the addition of male ponies is more than worthy. There are also some good life lessons in this series as well such as those involving teamwork An Apple For Starlight , not lying to get more attention Too Sick To Notice , not cheating in tests or reading people's secret diaries Bon Bon's Diary and not gossipping Shop Talk.

    Was ist neu auf Netflix Deutschland ?

    There also seems to be little to no mistakes in this series compared to the numerous goofs in the original. I know I've focused solely on comparing and contrasting this show to the original series but I am now ready to give my final verdict. This incarnation of My Little Pony was worth watching due to having similar elements to the original and a change of scenery in spite of its lack of nostalgic appeal.

    My two daughters ages 5 and 2 were the luckiest girls in the world when a friend of mine gave them her original My Little Pony videotapes from the 80s. That variation I could have done without. Much like other people here, I was disgusted by the superficial and petty characters even though at first glance the story lines appear to offer some good values. Stripping the beloved horses of all their horse qualities and making them over like some cartoon for year-olds is a crime. My girls don't really understand much of the Tales, but they watch them anyway, since they recognize the ponies. Until today, that is.

    Today I forced myself to sit and really watch an episode. It didn't take more than two minutes for one of the horses to say while eating a carrot, perfectly normal food for a PONY that she couldn't wait until their synchronized swimming competition was over, so they could all go back to eating "normal food" again!!! No, the storyline of this episode was not about dieting, this was just said to fill out some time. To my dismay I found that every episode of the horrible Tales contain such sneaky comments, creeping into the minds of my precious little girls.

    Long story short: I'm chucking those DVDs today. We only get one childhood. Fantasy adventures with kind and magical horses give children the escape from reality they need. Don't throw them into the adult world too early. Ponies are ponies are ponies.. I love My Little Pony, I really do. An 80's girl that's me:. But to see ponies act so much like humans really sickened me. I've always loved horses, and think ponies acting like ponies is what gave MLP alot of it's soul.