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Lori Mihalich-Levin, JD , has dedicated her career to empowering new working parents.

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Mihalich-Levin admits that job hunting can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to choosing whether to disclose a pregnancy. Miguel A. Suro, an attorney in Miami, FL, says the best course of action in these situations is to contact an employment lawyer. He adds that many lawyers will work on contingency, meaning fees are only paid if the case is successful.

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Still, Suro admits that discrimination law can be incredibly complex and difficult to navigate, especially because each state has its own laws in addition to federal law. Vanessa Gonzalez experienced this legal gray area first hand after she was forced out of her job as a project manager at an advertising agency while on maternity leave in It was further complicated by the employer being based in Texas. The lawyer Gonzalez spoke with said she could possibly prove it was discrimination, but she also was very open about her high fees.

She recommended Gonzalez appeal to her boss on a personal level to see if she could get a better severance package. Transport connections — essential for refugees, who need to access health and asylum services — were largely nonexistent. When U. Mouzalas declined to comment on the reported promises.

Prayer mats under the old Duty Free signs at the former Athens airport, now a refugee camp. It would have reduced their total number from 39 to However, the camp plan was rejected by Mouzalas, who indicated to officials that more camps were planned, not fewer.

Voudouris resigned a little over a month later. Repeated requests from European and U. Meanwhile, volunteers, aid workers, diplomats and the refugees themselves were bewildered by the failure to appoint camp directors. In its place was an ad hoc system in which some facilities got camp directors appointed by the ministry, while others were run by army officials or NGOs. In some cases army officers appointed to set up the camps stayed on after the ministry failed to appoint replacements. At Diavata, one of the earliest camps at a former army barracks in northern Greece, 40 NGOs were active.

An asylum seeker from Pakistan feeds a stray dog at the snow-covered refugee camp of Vagiohori village, outside Thessaloniki Jan. One of the few kindnesses that asylum seekers did receive on arriving in Greece late in was the unusually mild weather. By late spring the larger international aid agencies were already tabling plans to winterize the tented camps and donors were allocating funds. When donors and aid agencies replied that this was a nonstarter, Mouzalas refused to budge or negotiate a compromise.

The fallout from the Softex standoff made it to the Greek parliament later that month: 10 MPs demanded to know how the ASB proposal had been evaluated and why it had been rejected. In at least two other instances, ECHO officials refused to sanction camp plans put forward by the ministry. Meanwhile, senior officials at the U.

Adding to the uncertainty was a murky game over the number of refugees within Greek borders. After the closure of the northern frontier and the implementation of the Greece-Turkey deal, arrivals slowed dramatically. This number grew with the trickle of new arrivals on the islands to 63, on the official bulletin from the migration ministry.

But the numbers ran counter to what European officials and NGO staff were seeing in the camps where more and more people were disappearing. Spot-checks at camps near Thessaloniki carried out by a foreign diplomat found huge discrepancies between the official numbers and those actually present. At Oreokastro, where the official headcount was , there were only people present. While it is under pressure to show it has its borders under control, Greece can scarcely admit that thousands of refugees have nonetheless been smuggled into the Balkans. In parallel to the numbers confusion, as winter approached some U.

A race against the weather began that ended in November with the first snows in the foothills of Mt. On January 5 Mouzalas tempted fate by declaring the winterization complete during a visit to select camps in the north. The statements rebounded on the minister within days as a fresh cold snap was accompanied by new photographs of refugees in appalling conditions, this time on the islands.

Before the end of the month three asylum seekers in Moria camp on Lesbos died.

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Footage from the camp made it plain that some refugees and migrants were still in flimsy tents with no protection from freezing temperatures. Local witnesses suggested the three young men died after inhaling fumes from the plastic they had scavenged and burned in a vain attempt to keep warm.

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Syrian refugees in the deep snow at a ski chalet in the Greek mountains above Grevena. While Greek and international attention focused on the remaining people in tents in the snow, a costly and desperate face-saving exercise was underway in northern Greece: transferring hundreds of refugees and migrants into seafront hotels and luxury ski chalets in the mountains above Grevena, a three-hour drive outside the city. Entire budgets meant for the development of semipermanent camp facilities were spent on hotel bills. Katerina Poutou has become an accomplished letter writer. The are housed in shelters run by Arsis and seven other groups that clearly qualify for AMIF funds from the European Commission that should be channeled through the Greek government.

The passage of the April law establishing a ministry of migration foresaw the new ministry taking over shelter needs for extremely vulnerable groups. There was no reply. The situation exploded in February when Greek asylum service workers on the islands went on strike. Some critics see an even more cynical quid pro quo. The bigger the mess in Greece, the harsher the conditions, the greater the deterrent for other refugees and migrants who see the country as a route into the E.

The lavish European funding — which has been systematically overstated by the migration commissioner — offers plausible deniability of responsibility for conditions in Greece without relieving the very real problems on the ground. He believes the Greek government has used the mess to shield itself from the possible mass return of failed asylum seekers from elsewhere in the E. The E. Never miss an update. Ensure that you include a line of our HTML tracking code on every article you republish. This does not affect page layout, nor does it provide any information about your users, other web pages on your site, or any further data.

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Remember, seek help and further advice if you don't feel you are making progress. A Physiotherapist working in the area of Women's Health can help you, ask your Midwife, or see your Doctor. Whether you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or have had a baby, it is important to remember to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises and your tummy bracing exercises.

This will help to keep your muscles strong if you are pregnant and help them to recover more quickly after your baby has been born.

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All women should do pelvic floor exercises, even once they have returned to normal after pregnancy. Do you forget to do your exercises regularly? If so, you could place some reminder dots in places that will remind you to do the exercises. For example, on the mirror, television, phone or computer; in the toilet for after you have finished going, not during your flow ; in your wallet; where you sit to feed your baby or toddler; or anywhere else that will remind you to tighten your pelvic floor and tummy muscles.

The Refugee Archipelago: The Inside Story of What Went Wrong in Greece

Using a screen saver, a phone reminder, a note in your diary or on your calendar can also help you to remember to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises. Over the years many women have become more aware of their pelvic floor muscles and of the need to do pelvic floor exercises to keep these muscles strong and working correctly. But also over the years there has been a lot of incorrect information on what is a pelvic floor exercise, and some women still are confused, or unsure if they are doing their exercises correctly.

Some of the ways NOT to do your exercises include:. This used to be promoted as an exercise, but is not recommended. This is a good check to see that you can do it, and to feel the muscles working. If you are just learning how to do the exercises it can help you to contract the right muscles. Doing this as a check before your baby is born, and also sometime after can help you to make sure that this action of the muscle is working well.

But it does not mean that your muscles are completely back to normal if you can do this, as the muscles work in other ways too like holding on if you need to go to the toilet, supporting our pelvic organs and tightening when we cough, sneeze, laugh, run or jump.

A quick contraction is OK to do as an exercise, but it is not the only way that the muscles should be worked. Some people mistakenly think that they are doing a great job of exercising their muscles this way, but it is important to also think quality, not quantity. The pelvic floor muscles should also be exercised by lifting and then holding them up inside, not just pulling them up quickly and relaxing them straight away.

So it is important to do a combination of both quick contractions and you don't have to do per day - although you can if you want to , and slower holding contractions. To find out how to work out your hold time, use the booklet As Your Shape Changes. You can then also record your hold time, using the charts included in the booklet. This exercise is called the pelvic tilting exercise, and does NOT exercise the pelvic floor muscles unless of course you deliberately tighten your muscles at the same time, which can be quite tricky to do.

In the past this exercise was mistakenly taken to be pelvic floor exercises.