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Definition A naturally occurring silicateof zirconium, ZrSiO 4 , used as a gemstone. The colour depends in smallamounts of other metals and may bered, brown, yellow, or green. Redgem-quality zircon is sometimescalled jacinth; gem-quality zirconswith other colours are called jargoons.

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Alkali-free production of large pentasil-crystals as a shell-and fully catalysts. Molecular sieve crystals or aggregates and methods for their production of nanometer-sized. Crystalline molecular sieve synthesis using quaternary ammonium-functionalized organosiliconate. EPB1 en. Besides chemical effects essentially cation size , structural defects play a key role in the behaviour of the incommensurately modulated phase.

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Macroscopic and structural changes at the incommensurate-normal phase transition in melilites. Authors Authors and affiliations F.

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Seifert F. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Am Mineral — Google Scholar. Am Mineral 11—17 Google Scholar.

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  • Butler BCM Al-rich pyroxene and melilite in a blast-furnace slag and a comparison with the Allende meteorite. Min Mag — Google Scholar. Christie OHF On sub-solidus relations of silicates. The system akermanite-sodium gehlenite and gehlenite-sodium gehlenite. Norsk Geol Tidskr 31—44 Google Scholar. Hazen RM Temperature, pressure and composition: structurally analogous variables.

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