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Below is an overview. Gin is any neutral base spirit, EG Vodka, but the similarity ends there. Botanicals are various roots, seeds, spices, herbs, and fruits that the Gin Distiller will use when following their own precise Gin recipe, then combine them with their base spirit to create their particular brand of Gin. There are literally thousands of botanicals that can be used, anything from Angelica Root to Seaweed.

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Compound Gin is the simplest method for making Gin which is the process of mixing a neutral base spirit with botanicals and allowing their infusion without heating re-distillation. This condensed alcohol is then diluted to the desired final ABV Gin after distillation using distilled water.

Column Distilled Gin is the most modern and large scale method to produce distilled Gin. The neutral base spirit enters near the top of the still and flows downward whilst being heated from all sides, so evaporation happens sooner. The botanicals are most often suspended above the spirit and the vapour is passed through and then collected at the top of the still where it is condensed back to liquid form.

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The predominant flavour must be of juniper berries - with touches of citrus and other natural botanicals which MUST be added during the distillation process. Nothing can be added after the final distillation or it cannot be labelled London Dry Gin. At a time when so many different gins are available, we are very proud of the fact that Ben Lomond adheres to these rigorous guidelines, guaranteeing a classic, traditional style gin - but with our own unique Scottish twist.

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The Scottish blackcurrants and rowan berries used in Ben Lomond Gin are handpicked and added directly to the still during distillation, creating a delicately balanced flavour which beautifully combines the subtle sweetness of the blackcurrants with the fresh, crispness of the rowan berries. Our 11 key botanicals are weighted out by hand before every distillation; this includes a combination of both fresh and dried botanicals.

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Juniper Berries are the underpinning ingredient and the predominant flavour of bright pine freshness with citrus and pepper spice. The Szechuan Peppercorns add a slight spiciness at the end of the gin which prolongs the aftertaste of the gin. The root of the Iris plant, Orris gives an overall floral note to the gin and acts as a binding elements to bring all the other botanicals together.

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The Cassia add a slight spiciness at the end of the gin which prolongs the aftertaste of the gin. Liquorice Root provides a distinctive sweet note with mild woody tones to the complex mix. This also enhances the mouthfeel of the gin.

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Rowan Berries, which are foraged locally, help provide the unique, crisp taste of Ben Lomond Gin. We use non-essential cookies to improve our site and give you the best browsing experience. By accepting, you are agreeing to receive these cookies. Google Analytics: ON.

IWSR’s forecasts confirm that the much-hyped gin renaissance is not simply journalistic hyperbole

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